MCX Basic Pack

MCX Basic pack designed and destined to deliver returns that you deserve. It’s unique blend of technical and fundamentals research makes it most exciting and rewarding product. It provides you 2 -3 intraday recommendations. The recommendations are given in Bullions, Base Metals and energy traded in MCX. Our timely generated technical recommendations provide adequate time to enter in trades. Our recommendations are supreme blend of Technical and globally covered fundamental research.

Service Risk Catgory:

High - Risk

Slient Features:

  • Daily intraday recommendation’s frequency is limited to 2 to 3
  • Timely Follow Ups of all the trade signals
  • All Important Market related News & Information
  • Concise information of Domestic & World Market
  • Trading recommendation are provided through SMS only
  • Swift real time customer support
  • Inventory updates of LME, Crude and Natural Gas are provided

  • Sample recommendation:
    Recommendation: SELL GOLD APR BELOW 44550 TARGET 44450, SL 44650.

    Follow Ups:
    Update: - Our GOLD APR TARGET 44450 ACHIVED BOOK FULL PROFIT NEAR IT.Hope you have booked the

    Pricing details: All our charges are exclusive of 18% GST.

    WEEKLY 12,500/-

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    Monthly 31,000/-

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    Quarterly 81,000/-

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    Note: Security Market Investment is subjected to market risk and past performance is not a guarantee of future performance